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Features and benefits for your business

Work time collection

  • Driver and operator personnel work hours are recorded and collected with minute accuracy.
  • Real time reporting and exact information allows you to analyse and cut out ineffective work phases.
  • Reduce paperwork and save time, work time is collected automatically into database and reports.
  • Real time information helps to organise work efectively and flexibly, avoid overtime and bill work hours correctly.

Driving habit analysis

  • Measure drivers' driving habits.
  • Eliminate unnecessary idling and improve driving habits for increased safety and lower maintenance costs.
  • Save fuel.

Drive log and history

  • See driving times at second accuracy.
  • Monitor for unauthorised usage.
  • Improve routes based on real data.

GPS Positioning

  • Know exactly and in real time the location of equipment and when deliveries ware made.
  • Manage changes that occur with customer orders and requirements during the day and last minute.
  • Track vehicles, trailers and other moving equipment.

Onboard maps and navigation

  • Your drivers save time, destination points get on the onboard map from dispatch orders with single button press.
  • Many typing errors are eliminated.
  • Easy to read, large display.

CAN-bus connection with vehicle

  • Get odometer readings automatically
  • Enhanced driving habits data
  • Vehicle condition monitoring from remote
  • Fuel consumption information and many more. 

Onboard reversing or 360 cameras

  • Reduce accidents.
  • Save driving time in reversing and manouvering

Order management and planning

  • Deliver work and dispatch orders wirelessly directly to the vehicle cabin.
  • Advanced planning
  • Save time and effort.  Eliminate multiple typing of orders.
  • Reduce billing delays.

Electronic waybills

  • Save time and costs, eliminate need to handle and type in paperwork.

Receipt printing

  • Receipt printing to customers from the same system: onto paper or email


Cargo and delivery tracking

  • Track cargo efectively and easily.
  • Delivery tracking can also be offered to your customers via the system. 

Barcode reader

  • Heavy large barcode-PDAs are not necessary. 
  • Fast reading of codes saves time.


Temperature monitoring and recording

  • Monitor cargo temperature in real time wirelessly.
  • Temperature measurements are recorded automatically and are in compliance with the EN12830 standard.
  • Deliver temperature reports to customers easily
  • Generate alerts from defined setpoints for each sensor
  • AC Panther fulfulls the EN12830 standard and there is no need for separate temperature recorders when aqcuiring new cargo equipment
  • Also exsiting temperature recorders data can be relayed to the office via AC Panther. 

Sensor data collection

  • Follow the information from other sensors in the vehicle, if your operations need special sensors.

GPRS real time connection

  • Know the status of your vehicles, drivers and cargo at all times.
  • In case of exeptions, get informed in real time.
  • Save time and relieve from time consuming phonecalls, when you can manage the fleet via AC Panther. 

Free 2-way messaging

  • Send messages effortlessly to vehicles and drivers.
  • Save time and relieve from time consuming phonecalls and typing sms.
  • Quickly inform groups of vehicles or all vehicles.
  • All message history is automatically saved.
  • Reduce typing errors and misunderstandings, when information is presented clearly on the AC Panther display.

Digital tachograph remote download

  • Automatic remote download of tachograph mass memory and driver cards


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